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Juvenile crimes: A community comes together to address problem

The rate of crime among the juvenile population has risen dramatically in recent years in the state of Illinois and around the country. Recent statistics say that, of all arrests made in the United States, about 17 percent of those arrested are juveniles. When juveniles are arrested and receive criminal charges, they can suffer the effects for the remainder of their lives. The city of Davenport, Illinois has seen a sharp increase in juvenile crimes, and community members are stepping up to address the issue.

2 separate crashes result in drivers receiving DUI charges

These days, roadways across the state of Illinois are crowded and constantly congested with traffic. Due to the number of vehicles sharing these roadways, accidents become almost inevitable. Motor vehicle accidents can happen for a number of reasons, but getting a DUI charge can make the experience of an accident even more stressful and traumatic. A couple of recent accidents near Bradley left two drivers facing DUI charges.

Man facing drug charges after arrest at Aurora gas station

Getting hit with a criminal charge can obviously be very stressful and bring about feelings of worry and anxiety for those who have been charged. Drug charges can ruin lives and put a person's future in jeopardy. The experience of an arrest and the possibility of jail time can be emotionally and psychologically traumatizing. Drug-related charges are some of the most common criminal charges in the state of Illinois.

Domestic violence accusations are on the rise

A criminal charge, although serious, is only an accusation of a crime. However, just charges alone can severely damage one's personal and professional reputation. Domestic violence is a horrible thing that occurs way too frequently, and the state of Illinois has harsh penalties for those convicted. However, there are also many instances where allegations were proved to be false.

Illinois man charged with DUI, found not guilty

In the state of Illinois and across the country, a charge of driving under the influence can quickly lead to jail time as well as fines for those convicted. A DUI charge can also mean many sleepless nights filled with anxiety and worry, along with added stress on family members. However, just because an individual is charged with DUI does not mean he or she will be convicted. Recently, an Algonquin man was found not guilty after he was hit with a drunk driving charge.

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