Juvenile crimes: A community comes together to address problem

The rate of crime among the juvenile population has risen dramatically in recent years in the state of Illinois and around the country. Recent statistics say that, of all arrests made in the United States, about 17 percent of those arrested are juveniles. When juveniles are arrested and receive criminal charges, they can suffer the effects for the remainder of their lives. The city of Davenport, Illinois has seen a sharp increase in juvenile crimes, and community members are stepping up to address the issue.

Members of an organization known as Boots on the Ground are coming together to combat juvenile crime problems in their community. To one member, forming relationships with youth in the community is the most important step in combating the crime problem. The man is challenging adults to come together and offer a support system to troubled minors.

In this man’s opinion, role models are sorely needed. He says kids are not receiving the needed relationships and leadership from older people these days. Adults have a responsibility to set examples for children and teens, the man says. Along with this man’s call to action, the city of Davenport is also working to alleviate juvenile crime by organizing a summit that will take place in the near future.

Receiving a criminal charge is a difficult thing for any person to experience. However, when juveniles are hit with these types of charges, the ramifications can hamper them for years. Those that have been charged with juvenile crimes in Illinois could benefit by seeking legal counsel. An experienced attorney can provide guidance and determine the best possible strategy while ensuring the protection of rights.

Source: kwqc.com, “Boots on the Ground addresses juvenile crime in city“, Rebecca David, May 26, 2018