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Home invasion results in drug charges

Illinois residents expect their homes to be places of privacy and security. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials will sometimes search the homes of those suspected of crimes. In order for police and other law enforcement agencies to legally enter places of residence, consent or search warrants must be obtained. A search of the home is a common scenario for those who have been arrested on drug charges.

New bill may help reduce domestic violence

Violent crimes have been thrust into the spotlight recently by national and local media. Charges of this type can have devastating consequences and can ruin reputations. Domestic violence charges cover a wide range of categories. Almost any crime can turn into a domestic offense; all that is needed is an intimate relationship between the victim and accused. In order to meet the problem of violent crimes head on, Illinois lawmakers recently signed a bill that would allow those convicted of certain crimes to enter rehabilitation programs instead of jail.

Can you claim self-defense for criminal charges in Illinois?

There are many different ways that a person may respond to pending criminal charges. Some attorneys will take the approach of undermining the evidence the state has. For example, if the state cannot prove you were at the site of a crime, that may be enough to cast a reasonable doubt on your guilt. If there were issues at the lab, this could lead to a defense based on contamination and unclear test results.

Juvenile crimes drop in Illinois as schools get back in session

Unfortunately, criminal activity among the juvenile population is an ongoing problem across the state of Illinois. Especially during the summer months, kids get bored and often stay up later, which can be a combination for juvenile crimes. Most crimes by juveniles are minor things such as noise complaints, curfew violations and perhaps some petty misdemeanors. However, when a young person is hit with a criminal charge, he or she can be affected for a lifetime, no matter the nature of the crime.

Police in Chicago are increasing DUI patrols

Being arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated can be an embarrassing and humiliating thing to experience. In Illinois, those who are stopped by police on suspicion of DUI will usually be required to undergo a field sobriety test and/or a Breathalyzer test. However, Breathalyzer tests can give false readings, and some feel that field sobriety tests are the least reliable way to determine blood alcohol content. Regardless, failing any of these tests can result in a DUI arrest. Police departments across the state of Illinois are making efforts to crackdown on drunk driving.

Vehicle search results in drug charges

The state of Illinois is known for being tough on drug offenders. The penalties for drug charges can be severe and those convicted could be sentenced to jail time. Although the prospect of going to jail is enough to fill anyone with worry and anxiety, drug charges can also blemish permanent records and impede future employment opportunities, thus sabotaging any ambitious attempts at personal development and improvement.

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