Juvenile crimes drop in Illinois as schools get back in session

Unfortunately, criminal activity among the juvenile population is an ongoing problem across the state of Illinois. Especially during the summer months, kids get bored and often stay up later, which can be a combination for juvenile crimes. Most crimes by juveniles are minor things such as noise complaints, curfew violations and perhaps some petty misdemeanors. However, when a young person is hit with a criminal charge, he or she can be affected for a lifetime, no matter the nature of the crime.

Police forces in central Illinois are reporting a recent drop in crime rates among juveniles. Coincidentally, schools across the state have recently began new school years. Officers say that school keeps kids busy and kids are more tired after school so they aren’t up as late.

A Lieutenant with the Springfield Police Department says school helps to reduce juvenile crime, but parents also play a big role in keeping the crime rate down. Parents can help by keeping kids in after-school programs, supervising them and teaching them to make the right choices. According to reports, juvenile crime rates dropped about 10 percent last year when schools started and rates are expected to drop even further as colder weather arrives.

Any criminal charge can tarnish records and negatively impact a person for the rest of his or her life. For juveniles, a criminal charge can also have drastic emotional and psychological effects. Those who have been charged with juvenile crimes in Illinois have the right to seek legal counsel. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can determine the best possible strategy while protecting the rights of juveniles who have been charged.