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A guide to "beyond a reasonable doubt"

The hallmark of the American justice system is that everyone is presumed innocent until the prosecutor proves otherwise. This means that the judge and jury must give you the benefit of the doubt and view the prosecutor's arguments skeptically until they are supported with evidence. This theoretically means that you have the advantage. In a perfect system, if you believed that the prosecutor was totally wrong, you could sit back and refuse to submit any evidence or arguments since the burden is entirely on the prosecutor. In reality, this probably isn't a good idea.

Conviction isn't the end

Hearing a guilty verdict read by a deadpan juror might seem like it is the end. But it isn't; you still have plenty of options to defend yourself. You can argue in favor of probation over incarceration. You can push for reduced fines or restitution. There are still plenty of options to ensure, even though you were convicted, that you are punished fairly. Here are some of the various punishments the court may impose.

Hints that your child is drinking

Children are more vulnerable to the negative effects of alcohol than adults. They get drunk faster. It impacts their brain development. That said, many teenagers will still find a way to drink. It is a part of growing up and rebelling. Some kids do it by finding new friends. Others experiment with drugs. Some channel that rebellious spirit into good grades or college applications while many more experiment with drinking. Most kids will have a few drinks and move on but all it takes is one mistake for your child's future to be put in jeopardy. This post will go over a few of the signs that your child may be drinking alcohol.

Sex crimes and the Internet

As progress inexorably marches forward, it leaves in its wake a series of intractable problems with little or no clear way to solve them. One of these problems is sex crimes committed using the Internet. The Internet boasts anonymity, which is great to overthrow dictatorships, but also a boon for sexual predators. Every level of law enforcement is looking for the silver bullet to curb this trend, however, nothing seems to be the answer.

Woman faces lifetime behind bars for white collar crime

"Spying," unlike in the movies, is an officially sanctioned activity. Foreign agents must declare themselves with the State Department and failure to do so could result in charge. A woman from Florida was charged with 18 different counts, including failure to register as a foreign agent and illegal exportation. All of these crimes may seem minor however their cumulative punishment could result in decades behind bars. This article will briefly go over the complaint and how these charges could happen to you.

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