Hints that your child is drinking

Children are more vulnerable to the negative effects of alcohol than adults. They get drunk faster. It impacts their brain development. That said, many teenagers will still find a way to drink. It is a part of growing up and rebelling. Some kids do it by finding new friends. Others experiment with drugs. Some channel that rebellious spirit into good grades or college applications while many more experiment with drinking. Most kids will have a few drinks and move on but all it takes is one mistake for your child’s future to be put in jeopardy. This post will go over a few of the signs that your child may be drinking alcohol.

There is a fine line between harmless experimentation and problem drinking. It is up to you and your family to determine where and how to draw the line. Here are a few tips to help you determine the extent of your child’s drinking and how much of a problem it has become:

  • Alcohol can cause your child to be both unusually aggressive and lethargic. Small slights may set them off. Additionally, things that used to matter to them may suddenly hold little or no value.
  • Another negative sign is if your child is hanging out with new friends or people.
  • Poor school performance.
  • Skipping class.
  • More liberal use of mouthwash, gum or mints (to mask the smell).

Some more overt signs are:

  • Missing alcohol from your bottles or cans.
  • Finding hidden alcohol in your child’s room, backpack or other hiding places.
  • Bloodshot eyes, slurred behavior and other obvious signs of intoxication.

These are all serious signs that your child may have a problem with drinking and it may only be a matter of time before they make a serious mistake, like drive drunk.

If your child was arrested for drunk driving, then you may want to contact an attorney as soon as possible. These charges can have serious implications for your child’s college admissions, job prospects and more. An attorney can go over the risks and help devise a legal strategy to reduce the impact these charges will have on his or her future.