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What defenses are there for drug possession charges?

Drug charges are a serious matter. If you are convicted of drug possession it may affect your reputation and your employment prospects. Furthermore, you could face fines or even jail time. But what if the drugs were not yours or you were set up? You may simply have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, this often has consequences, such as being implicated in a drug-related crime. 

HB-1 redefines marijuana regulation in Illinois

While lawmakers across the nation continue to weigh the merits and caveats regarding legalization of recreational marijuana outside of Colorado and Washington, recently proposed legislation introduced to the state of Illinois, known as HB-1, seeks to regulate access to the drug among prescription patients as a controlled substance, and redefine penalties for drug use throughout the state for illicit and legal users alike.

Illinois man charged with weapon possession

The unlawful possession of a weapon is generally taken very seriously. Even if the weapon is not used to cause anyone harm, the concern remains that it could be intended for such use. The laws surrounding weapon possession vary from state to state and something that may be acceptable in one state may get you into trouble in another. It is important to know the laws of the state you are in at any given time in order to avoid criminal charges.

Man cleared of sex crime after 12 years in prison

As you might expect, allegations of sexual offenses are taken very seriously here in Illinois and indeed throughout the United States. Sex crime incidents can have a lasting effect on a victim's life, so it is understandable that authorities often do all they can to track down those responsible. Unfortunately, false accusations, misidentification or simple miscommunication can sometimes lead to innocent people getting punished for something they didn’t do.

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