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Driver recieves DUI charge after allegedly crashing into a home

Without question, driving under the influence of alcohol is reckless and very dangerous. Police forces across the state of Illinois are continuing to crack down on drunk drivers. Increased patrols and frequent DUI checkpoints are examples of the measures being taken to keep roadways safe across the state. A man in Libertyville is facing several charges, including DUI after allegedly crashing into a private residence.

Juvenile crimes: Leaders come together for reform

Youth and rebellious behavior go together like socks and shoes. The majority of adolescents will rebel at some point and participate in activities that are not always legal, oftentimes out of boredom. Unfortunately, one bad decision can potentially ruin the entire life of a juvenile. Those who are charged with juvenile crimes in Illinois can have their futures stripped from them.

Drug charges can be absolutely devastating

Illinois is notoriously tough on those convicted of crimes, with offenders facing steep penalties and potentially long periods of prison time. The chance of going to jail is enough to induce great worry and anxiety in any person. However, those who are arrested on drug charges face more than just jail time as these types of charges can tarnish personal records and prevent chances for future employment. Drug charges can ruin lives.

Being charged with juvenile crimes can ruin lives

It goes without saying that most juveniles will participate in rebellious behavior at some point. Adolescence is not only a period of growth and change, but also a time notorious for rebellion. Some cases of juvenile crimes turn out to be nothing more than bored youngsters just trying to be daring or impress their peers. Sometimes, however, juveniles in Illinois participate in very serious crimes.

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