What acts might garner solicitation charges?

There are two reasons for which a person may be issued solicitation charges. You can be charged with solicitation if you are offering a sexual encounter in exchange for compensation. You can also be charged with solicitation if you attempt or actually purchase a sexual encounter. To make it clear, the act does not have to be completed, merely initiated, in order for charges to be issued.

In regard to being charged for solicitation of prostitution, it is important to understand that the attempt to purchase sex for money does not have to be overt. You could be charged if your actions merely indicate an attempt to arrange an encounter. But perhaps more significantly, if the person to whom an offer is made is a minor, then the charges could be raised to the felony level.

It is also critical that you be aware that solicitation is a crime everywhere. Wait, you might think, Nevada allows prostitution ? there is a show on HBO about it. Yes, you would be correct. However, there is a big difference between what is portrayed on television and what is traditionally associated with prostitution. Nevada heavily regulates their sex industry, so if you find yourself on vacation in Sin City, make sure you do thorough research before engaging with the locals.

If you find yourself the subject of a solicitation charge, then you may want to speak to a criminal defense attorney. Solicitation charges may seem innocent enough on their face, but they can carry steep consequences that reverberate throughout your life. Your reputation could be affected. You may be put on the sex offender registry. The consequences for a solicitation charge develop exponentially.