Trafficking may carry heavier penalties than possession

It is no secret in Illinois that officers work around the clock to reduce the prevalence of drug crime in the state. However, in their bid to track down the sources of these substances, innocent people can come under suspicion. Unfortunately, if you are implicated in a drug-related offense, you could face a lengthy investigation and possibly even criminal charges.

If convicted, you could be faced with fines, a prison term, rehabilitation or other penalties based on the substances involved, the quantity and where the alleged crime was carried out. For example, dealing drugs near a school is considered particularly serious compared with charges of a similar nature.

Of course, some offenses can result in far more severe penalties than others. As this article on drug crimes explains, trafficking or distributing drugs tends to be considered a more serious crime than simply possessing the same substances. In fact, drug-dealing is a felony and even if you are not caught selling drugs, simply having a large quantity can lead officers to believe you may be involved in trafficking or distribution.

If you have been charged with any kind of drug-related offense, you may be worried about the future. However, the law deems you innocent unless you can be proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. An attorney may be able to help you preserve that doubt. He or she might also advise you on the best course of action to follow during your trial. With the right guidance, you may be able to avoid conviction or at least receive a more lenient sentence.