A DUI charge can be extremely humiliating

Without a doubt, the consequences for driving under the influence of alcohol are serious, and police forces in Illinois and around the country are doing a wonderful job of cracking down on drunk drivers. For motorists, being pulled over for any reason can be embarrassing, but going through field sobriety tests and getting arrested on suspicion of DUI can be downright humiliating. An officer can initiate an arrest if a person is suspected of driving while intoxicated, regardless of the inaccuracy of some sobriety tests.

A recent crash involving three semitrailers resulted in a DUI charge for one driver. The crash happened along Interstate 280 during the morning hours. According to reports, the driver of a westbound rig lost control and rolled into the median, blocking the left lane. Reports said a second semi hit the first truck and traveled into the right ditch.

A third semitrailer then struck the second truck and came to rest in the median, reports said. According to police, the driver of the first truck left the scene but was later located. The driver was suspected of driving while intoxicated and was placed under arrest, police said. Reportedly, the driver was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and leaving the scene of a personal injury crash, among other charges.

Any criminal charge can leave a person feeling frightened, extremely ashamed and humiliated. This can lead to psychological distress and many sleepless nights. Those in Illinois who have been charged with DUI should consult an experienced attorney. A skilled litigator can work to obtain the best possible outcome while protecting individual rights.

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