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A traffic ticket could come about for driving too slowly

People often have different ideas of what it means to be a conscientious driver. Some Illinois residents may believe that being a good driver always means following the law no matter what, and others may think that using their judgment in certain scenarios is better. In any case, it may come as a surprise to some people that they could receive a traffic ticket for drivingContinue reading

Teen facing felony criminal charges after alleged threat

It is common for young people to make mistakes and not fully think through their actions. Of course, if they make someone else feel threatened, that mistake could lead to criminal charges. As a result, a juvenile could end up in need of a criminal defense if authorities charge him or her with a crime. It was recently reported that a threat to a schoolContinue reading

Criminal defense info may help man charged after crash

Some people can certainly have worse days than other individuals. For instance, a person could end up in a situation that involves a car accident, a police investigation and criminal charges. While no one plans to end up in this type of ordeal, it could happen, and anyone accused of a crime could end up needing information on criminal defense options. One man recently arrested inContinue reading

4 arrested on drug charges after officers search apartment

When people get wrapped up in situations that are not good for them, they can sometimes have a difficult time getting out. In some cases, they may not feel able to leave, and in other cases, they may not even realize they are in questionable predicaments. Unfortunately, either case can lead to individuals facing drug charges if authorities suspect them of drug-related activity. It wasContinue reading

Over a year after alleged incident, man facing criminal charges

Social media allows people to share about any aspect of their lives that they wish. In some cases, individuals may share too much, and if a post depicts a person doing something illegal, authorities could begin an investigation. In many cases, if the investigation leads to the identification of a suspect, criminal charges could result. It was recently reported that a 20-year-old man in Illinois wasContinue reading

Young men in need of criminal defense after alleged robberies

Young people do not always think through the possible consequences of their actions. They may think that if they have gotten away with doing something in the past, then they will be able to get away with it again. They may even possibly think that their actions will not draw the attention of the police. Unfortunately, this type of thinking can land young people inContinue reading

Tips from citizens lead to arrest on drug charges

Though some people may try to keep their affairs private, others may feel that it is their duty to know what is going on. For instance, if neighbors suspect that another person is carrying out drug-related activity in their area, they may feel that it is necessary to report those suspicions to the police. As a result, another person could come under investigation and potentiallyContinue reading


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