A traffic ticket could come about for driving too slowly

People often have different ideas of what it means to be a conscientious driver. Some Illinois residents may believe that being a good driver always means following the law no matter what, and others may think that using their judgment in certain scenarios is better. In any case, it may come as a surprise to some people that they could receive a traffic ticket for driving too slowly.

Tickets for speeding are relatively common, but it is possible to receive a ticket for driving under a minimum speed limit just like driving over the posted speed limit. In some cases, people may drive slower because they are distracted, which can be a danger to everyone on the road, or they could drive slower because they are elderly or even new to driving. While some may think driving slower is safer, that is not necessarily the case.

Keeping up with the flow of traffic is important so that a driver does not impede traffic. Additionally, some drivers may attempt to pass a slower moving vehicle, which could increase the chances of an accident. A driver traveling the speed limit could also suddenly come upon a slow-moving vehicle and have to brake suddenly, which, again, could increase the possibility of a collision.

If Illinois drivers end up in a situation in which they receive a traffic ticket for driving slowly, they may feel it is unfair. Fortunately, like with other tickets, drivers can combat the accusation in court. Individuals who feel that this could be the right course of action may wish to consult with attorneys knowledgeable in laws relating to traffic violations.