Violating Scott’s Law can lead to traffic tickets

Most people drive along the roadways simply hoping to make it to their destinations on time. Of course, some people may find themselves in a hurry and not pay close enough attention to their surroundings or to the rules of the road. If a person does try to cut corners while driving, it is possible for him or her to face traffic tickets.

It was recently reported that a driver in Illinois was issued tickets after a crash involving a state trooper’s squad car. Apparently, the civilian driver attempted to pass a semitruck when he lost control of his vehicle. This resulted in that driver’s car colliding with the back of a stopped squad car. The officer was outside the vehicle at the time of the crash as he had been assisting a stranded motorist.

It did not appear that any injuries resulted from the collision. However, the civilian driver was issued a traffic ticket for violating Scott’s Law, which is the state’s move over law, and a ticket for failing to reduce speed to avoid a traffic accident. The report mentioned that 27 accidents involving squad cars occurred this year due to violations of Scott’s Law.

Though some people may not consider traffic tickets a major issue, they can come with serious penalties in many cases. As a result, Illinois drivers who have been ticketed for violating Scott’s Law or for other traffic violations may want to remember that they can fight back against those tickets. Gaining information on their legal options may help them determine their best courses of action.