Young men in need of criminal defense after alleged robberies

Young people do not always think through the possible consequences of their actions. They may think that if they have gotten away with doing something in the past, then they will be able to get away with it again. They may even possibly think that their actions will not draw the attention of the police. Unfortunately, this type of thinking can land young people in a considerable amount of trouble and in need of a criminal defense.

It was recently reported that two individuals were taken into custody in Illinois after what police say were several robberies. Apparently, an 18-year-old man and a juvenile male were passengers in a vehicle when they purportedly robbed a third passenger in the vehicle. After they took the reported victim to a relative’s home, the juvenile allegedly went into the home and robbed two adults inside, taking cash and cellphones.

The individuals reportedly had firearms that they used in the robberies. Authorities were later able to locate the 18-year-old man and the juvenile, and they were both taken into custody. They are currently both facing charges for armed robbery with a firearm, and the juvenile is also facing a home invasion charge. The driver of the vehicle had not been located at the time of the report.

Now these individuals are facing serious criminal charges that they, and likely their parents, will need to address. Finding the right criminal defense strategies for the allegations can be difficult, so they may want to take the time to gain information about their cases from Illinois legal resources. With more knowledge about their rights and options, they may better approach their cases.