Authorities carry out multiple drug raids in central Illinois

The Multi-County Narcotics Enforcement Group recently carried out a series of raids at several locations in central Illinois. Authorities believe that the designer drug MDMA has been making a comeback, and that belief was bolstered when sizeable quantities of the drug were seized last week. Also found were significant quantities of marijuana and cocaine, along with more than $13,000 in cash.

In the course of these investigations, two men were arrested. Both are in their early 20s and facing multiple drug charges that could seriously impact their young lives.

Interestingly, a separate raid on a residence in Peoria yielded no arrests, and authorities have been remarkably tight-lipped about the details of that investigation.

In all, there were four police raids, and authorities said there may be more arrests as the investigations continue. It should be remembered, however, that police officers are not immune to mistakes.

Individuals who believe they are being investigated for possible drug crimes would be wise to seek legal counsel sooner rather than later. A person doesn’t have to be arrested or officially charged with a crime to begin defending against possible allegations. In any case, a defense attorney can help ensure that faulty police evidence doesn’t lead to a conviction and the resulting penalties, which can be severe.

Even drug charges that are never substantiated with evidence can have detrimental effects on a person’s career, reputation and family. To minimize the negative effects of a drug crime allegation, accused individuals should take the necessary legal steps to protect their rights.

Source: Pekin Daily Times, “Dangerous drug seized in central Illinois MEG raids,” Michael Smothers, Feb. 10, 2014