Illinois couple arrested for conspiring with son in drug business

Drug charges can seriously affect your reputation, not to mention putting you at risk of conviction and a permanent mark on your record. Whether you are suspected of possession, distribution, manufacture or even prescription fraud, it is not a matter to be taken lightly. These charges can also affect your family, as they may also be investigated for any involvement in the alleged crimes. In Illinois, one couple has recently learned this the hard way.

The St. Charles couple, both in their 50s, have been accused of assisting their son and his girlfriend with a mail-order marijuana business. According to authorities, the younger couple, based in California, had been shipping drugs to Kane County. The money was then thought to have been passed to them via the younger man’s parents.

In June, the house of the parents was searched, reputedly turning up drug paraphernalia and a quantity of marijuana. They have since been arrested and now face charges of money laundering. The father has also been charged with possession. The younger couple are in custody in San Diego, awaiting extradition to Illinois. They also face drug charges.

Authorities will now need to determine whether all four can be held accountable for involvement in the alleged crimes. It is all too easy for someone to become implicated in such a scheme simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If you face drug charges, you will already know how taxing it can be trying to clear your name. However, you should not lose hope as with the right support you may still be able to avoid conviction. An attorney can assist you in building your defense and presenting your side of the story to the court. You are innocent until proven guilty, so it is important to remain calm and work carefully to protect your reputation.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “St. Charles couple helped son run a mail-order marijuana business: authorities,” Clifford Ward, June 19, 2014