What types of drug crimes are there?

As most people in Illinois know, being found with illegal drugs can be a serious matter. Whether you are using them, carrying them or they are simply discovered within your property, you could face criminal charges. The severity of these will depend on the type and quantity of drugs, as well as their perceived intended use.

There are several different types of drug-related offenses and some of them do not even require the drugs themselves to be present. For example, drug paraphernalia, such as syringes, bongs, various pipes and even rolling papers, can get you into trouble. Selling, exporting or importing drug paraphernalia is illegal, and you may be charged even if it is labeled to suggest that it is not for drug use.

As this article on drug crimes explains, other possible charges include the following:

  • Possession. This can be classed as simple possession in the case of smaller quantities of drugs. However, larger quantities may lead to more serious charges, such as possession with intent to distribute.
  • Manufacturing. Taking part in any facet of the production process could land you with a manufacturing charge.
  • Dealing and trafficking. The precise definitions vary from state to state, but both of these charges deal with the distribution of drugs. Drug dealing often refers to smaller-scale operations, where as trafficking covers any sale, importation or transportation of illegal drugs.

If you are charged with a crime of this nature, an attorney could be invaluable. He or she will be able to help you understand the charges you face and may be able to assist you with forming your defense.