Illinois man arrested over suspected drug connection

It is no secret that criminal charges can turn your life upside-down and drug charges are certainly no exception. No matter how minor or major the charges are, if convicted it becomes a permanent mark on your record. This can in turn affect your job prospects, college options and a number of other areas of your life. As such, when faced with criminal charges of any kind, a good defense is vital.

In Illinois, a 34-year-old man may now be considering his options after being arrested on suspicion of involvement in the sale of cannabis. The arrest came after officers searched a home about which they had been gathering information for a period of several months. According to the police department, the home was alleged to be the location from which cannabis sales were being carried out.

The search is reported to have turned up drug paraphernalia along with a quantity of cash totaling over $600 and 386 grams of a substance that is alleged to have been cannabis. The 34-year-old now faces charges relating to the delivery, manufacture and possession of cannabis. If convicted, he could face serious penalties such as fines and time in prison.

Cases like this are always difficult to get to the bottom of as it is not always easy to prove whether a substance belongs to a specific occupant of a property, or indeed whether they even knew it was there. Fortunately, the law relies on proving that someone is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. This is why a firm defense can be so beneficial.

It is a lot to think about, but an attorney may be able to ease the process. He or she can explain the charges you face and their potential consequences. Your attorney may then be able to support you through your trial and help you work toward escaping conviction.

Source: WPSD Local, “Illinois man charged with selling cannabis from Herrin home,” Krystle Callais, May 11, 2015