Your defense is critical when accused of a sex crime

It is no secret that if you have been accused of involvement in a sex crime, you could face a lengthy investigation, serious charges and the chance of life-changing penalties if convicted. Every year in Illinois, countless criminal investigations attempt to get to the bottom of serious incidents with very little information to help them find the answers they need, and this can often result in complex trials and even the false accusation of innocent people.

It is important to remember that if you have been wrongly identified as the perpetrator of a sex crime, this does not necessarily mean it is a deliberate error on the part of your accuser. These investigations are extremely stressful for everyone involved, and it could simply be a case of mistaken identity. As such, your primary focus should be on forming your defense and protecting your future.

It may be difficult not to react in anger to the accusations against you, but it is vital to carefully consider everything you say and do before and during your trial. As this article on sex offenses explains, in many states marriage is not accepted as a defense for committing sexual assault, as the term refers to unwanted sexual contact even of your spouse. This is because everyone has the right to refuse such contact, regardless of marital status.

It is an extremely complicated matter to settle, and it may be overwhelming to face alone. However, you may benefit from the guidance and support of an attorney. He or she can advise you on how to structure your defense and may even be able to assist you during your trial. With this help, you can work toward clearing your name, protecting your reputation and avoiding conviction.