Lawyer disbarred for sexually assaulting clients

In an unusual twist, a lawyer from Ohio was both disbarred and faces 12 years in prison for sexually assaulting his clients. But, rather than using drugs or some other method, he instead hypnotized his clients such that they have no clear recollection of the assault. This post will go over the risks that professional faces if he or she is faced with criminal charges.

The lawyer was arrested in 2015, following an undercover operation in which one of his clients agreed to wear a wire. The police recorded, in real time, the hypnotism and subsequent attempted sexual assault of the client. As a result of the arrest, the attorney lost his license to practice law, even before the criminal trial was concluded.

During the sentencing phase, the judge was presented with evidence of two starkly different people. On the one hand, she received over 50 letters from friends, family, clients, and church members that extolled his character and good nature. On the other hand, she received two victim impact statements which detailed their trauma and struggles with personal relationships.

If you are facing allegations of sexual assault, you should speak to a defense attorney as soon as possible. This case illustrates that even the hint of criminal conduct can result in severe professional penalties. As you can see, the attorney was disbarred even before the criminal trial had concluded. You shouldn’t try to resolve these issues on your own; a lawyer can help you get your life back on track.

Source: ABA Journal, “Disbarred lawyer is sentenced for hypnotizing clients for sexual gratification,” Debra Cassens Weiss, November 14, 2016