The effect of marijuana legalization

Legalization seems to be sweeping the nation. Colorado and Washington both legalized the recreational use of marijuana. It is possible that more states will legalize in the future, so that you may be wondering, how do these laws affect you? This post will go over these changes and how they may affect you.

It is important to note that legalization of recreational marijuana by state governments does nothing to change federal law. Marijuana remains a Schedule I drug everywhere, and the Feds can investigate and prosecute its use, sale, and transportation anywhere.

Now, whether or not the FBI will investigate and prosecute the authorized user of marijuana in Colorado or Washington is unlikely. But it is very possible for people who sell and grow marijuana to lose their business assets to an FBI raid and face federal prosecution on drug trafficking charges.

Moreover, these states proscribe recreational use laws. If you fail to follow these rules, then you are still in violation and subject to prosecution. In fact, black market marijuana is still purchased and sold in Colorado.

If you were arrested for a drug offense, then you may want to speak to a defense attorney. Drug offenses are punished severely in many states and by the federal government. The last thing you need is a potential felony on your record due to a bad decision or poorly planned defense. A lawyer can help you gather evidence and make legal arguments to present your best case for a plea bargain or at trial.