If you have recently been charged with a crime in Illinois, you are probably wondering how you should plead. Telling the judge that you are guilty of a drug crime has certain consequences, but maintaining your innocence can also bring unexpected penalties. We at Jim Ryan and Associates fight for your rights and a fair trial as we help you navigate the complexities of deciding whether you should plead guilty or not.

Human Rights Watch states that prosecutors will often give milder penalties for federal drug offenders who plead guilty rather than those who continue to claim that they did not commit the crime. Convicts who accepted a guilty plea had an average jail sentence of five years and four months, while those who underwent a trial before being declared guilty had an average jail sentence of 16 years, spending three times longer in jail.

Some argue that too much pressure is being used to force you away from trial. The justice system has swayed so far to one side that only three percent of cases go to trial. Light penalties offered to those who plead guilty has made it increasingly difficult for you to pursue a fair trial if you claim that you are innocent.

While you may not be a victim of an unbalanced judicial system, it is important to be aware of the possible outcomes that may occur depending on which way you choose to plead. For more information about the felony drug charges that we can help you fight, please visit our web page.