Man faces burglary and drug charges in Illinois

A man in Illinois has been taken into custody after being accused of committing a drug crime as well as a burglary. The incident leading to the burglary and drug charges occurred on a recent Friday night. Police reported that they were sent to a house after being told that a home burglary was taking place.

Police said when they arrived at the house, a man was walking around the home in the backyard. When a police officer commanded the man to stop, the man reportedly ran and ended up in another home’s backyard. Police took the 39-year-old man into custody and conducted a search, during which they reportedly discovered two TV remotes and a prying tool. They later determined that he had allegedly been involved in the home burglary.

Police also found a van key that the man admitted was his. When authorities searched the van, they reportedly discovered a flat-screen TV along with five bags containing a substance that police said they determined was cocaine. The man is now facing charges related to residential burglary, burglary tool possession, manufacturing and delivering cocaine and obstructing/resisting police.

The man facing charges has the right to proceed to trial to fight the burglary and drug charges. He may also take advantage of an opportunity to strike a plea deal with the prosecution, which may result in lesser charges and thus a lighter sentence than what would result from trial if he is found guilty of the crimes. An attorney in Illinois may be able to help someone facing such criminal charges to get them reduced or eliminated altogether depending on the circumstances surrounding his or her case.

Source:, “Decatur man facing burglary, drug charges“, Aug. 7, 2017