6 in Illinois face drug charges following investigations

Six individuals were recently taken into custody in Illinois for committing drug crimes. Specifically, they reportedly sold drugs in an Illinois county area. The multiple drug charges came after lengthy drug investigations involving several police departments.

The officials involved in the investigations included several county sheriff’s departments and offices, a city police department, university police and state police. Their arrests of the six individuals took place on a Monday and Tuesday. Those facing charges include both men and women who range in age from 22 to 35.

One of the charges includes unlawfully delivering a drug. Other charges include illegally possessing a drug and intending to deliver it. The six individuals are accused of committing Class X, Class 1 or Class 3 felonies.

Just because someone in Illinois is accused of committing a drug crime does not mean he or she is automatically guilty, as the prosecution has to prove the drug charge beyond a reasonable doubt at trial before a conviction can happen. This standard is in place with the goal of protecting innocent individuals facing drug charges from being convicted and punished. However, rather than going to trail to fight these types of charges, defendants may choose to negotiate plea deals with the prosecution instead, as this may lead to lesser charges and thus more lenient sentences than what they would receive if found guilty at trial. In either of these scenarios, a criminal defense attorney will push for the best outcome for the accused while simultaneously ensuring that his or her rights are not violated in Illinois.

Source: herald-review.com, “Six arrested on drug charges in Piatt County“, Claire Hettinger, Dec. 8, 2017