Family of domestic violence victim seek to bring awareness

Facing any kind of criminal charge can be extremely stressful, worrisome and can ruin a person’s future. In Illinois, it seems that instances of domestic violence are on the rise. Domestic violence is a big problem across the state and those who are convicted can face many years of jail time and other harsh penalties. Even if allegations of domestic abuse turn out to be false, the damage done to those who are accused can be permanent and irreversible.

Recently in Peoria, a woman was allegedly shot and killed by an ex-boyfriend in a domestic dispute, and her family is taking steps to bring attention to the problem of domestic violence. The family members organized an event where supporters gathered and released purple balloons for domestic violence awareness. The family says their goal is to put the surrounding areas on notice and also to bring a change in the way police approach domestic violence cases.

According to the family, more information should be made available to officers about an abuser’s past charges. They say that, had such information been available to officers at the time, their daughter’s life could have been saved. Reportedly, police are still investigating the incident.

Although domestic violence is on the rise, there are also many times that a person is falsely accused of domestic abuse. A false accusation can be just as damaging. Those who have been charged with domestic violence have the right to seek legal representation. An experienced attorney can determine the best defense strategy to help increase the odds of a reduction in charges or charges being thrown out altogether.