DUI: Woman facing possible charges after Chicago crash

Facing an arrest in Illinois can be a stressful and traumatic experience. However, being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving can be especially humiliating. Getting locked in the back of a police car, having a mug shot taken and being thrown into a jail cell are scenarios that no one wants to face. As with many other criminal offenses, a DUI charge can have serious implications.

A recent accident during the overnight hours in Chicago left a woman facing possible DUI charges. Authorities say the woman was driving the wrong way on Interstate 94. Allegedly, the woman was driving north in a Toyota sedan and crossed into the southbound lanes. According to reports, the woman collided head-on with an SUV.

The woman, another female passenger in the Toyota sedan and the driver of the SUV all sustained injuries and were taken to a hospital for treatment, reports say. Two other passengers in the SUV were uninjured and refused medical treatment. Illinois State Police say that the driver of the Toyota sedan was suspected of driving under the influence and taken into custody with DUI charges pending.

Although an individual facing a charge of driving under the influence may feel like his or her entire world is falling apart, it may be helpful knowing that a charge is not a conviction. In Illinois, there are options available to help achieve the best possible outcome when a person is hit with a DUI charge. Consulting and acquiring the services of a knowledgeable attorney could prove very beneficial to one’s case. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can ensure the protection of individual rights and provide much-needed guidance during this difficult time.

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