Illinois resident hit with drug charges after traffic stop

There are few things more humiliating to a person than being handcuffed, searched and arrested. It’s only natural to fret and worry after an arrest and a criminal charge. Being convicted of drug charges can do unspeakable damage to reputations and land an individual in jail for years. Fortunately, in the state of Illinois, those who are arrested on drug charges are always presumed innocent until, and only if, found guilty in a court of law.

Recently, a man from Vernon Hills was arrested and charged with several criminal offenses after police searched his vehicle. According to reports, police initiated a traffic stop on the man’s vehicle for an equipment violation. Reportedly, officers smelled cannabis coming from the vehicle so they conducted a search.

During a search of the vehicle, reports said officers found glass pipes that are used for smoking marijuana. After the man was placed under arrest, officers found a plastic bag containing cocaine in the man’s pocket, reports said. The man was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance and driving with a suspended license.

Receiving a criminal charge can be a frightening and unnerving experience. Those who have been arrested and charged in Illinois have options available. Obtaining legal representation can help individuals who have been hit with drug charges get the best possible outcome relative to their situations. An experienced criminal defense attorney can examine and scrutinize any evidence that the prosecution plans to present and provide much-needed guidance. Sometimes, charges may be reduced or thrown out altogether.