Drug charges can sabotage personal records and reputations

Police in Illinois and across the United States are ramping up law enforcement efforts to reduce drug activity and the use of illegal drugs. Those who are arrested on drug-related charges can face very steep fines, and years of incarceration, not to mention irreparable damage to personal records and reputations. Unfortunately, drug charges have become far too common in the state of Illinois. These are some of the most serious criminal charges that any person can face.

Recently in Decatur, a man was arrested on drug charges while he was sitting in his parked car. According to police reports, officers came upon the man’s car just after midnight as it was parked on West Packard Street. As officers investigated, they said they noticed the smell of cannabis coming from the vehicle.

Reports also said the man had a 16-year-old female passenger with him. Officers searched the vehicle and allegedly found a bag of marijuana under the driver’s seat. Officers said they also found a bag of marijuana on the female passenger, a digital scale and more than $570 cash in the man’s pockets. Reportedly, the man was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession and delivery of cannabis.

Any criminal charge can have lifelong negative consequences for those who are accused. To achieve the best outcome in a situation such as this, individuals in Illinois who have been arrested on drug charges have the right to legal representation. An experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney can provide much-needed guidance while protecting the rights of those who have been charged.